We are offering online check-in circles for various communities.

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Guided Meditation Session

  • Wednesdays - 1:45–2:15pm PST / 10:45–11:15am EST

Check-in Circle, open to everyone, first Thursdays of the month: 

  • Thursday, Oct. 1 - 6:00–7:30pm PST / 9:00–10:30pm EST

  • Thursday, Nov. 5 - 6:00–7:30pm PST / 9:00–10:30pm EST

  • Thursday, Dec. 3 - 6:00–7:30pm PST / 9:00–10:30pm EST


Tell us what you need and what you can offer.

Online Circles

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Call 925-402-1170 or fill out this form.

Make a contribution today! All donations will be distributed to those with expressed financial need or used to purchase goods for those in need. Donations are made through the PayPal account of one of the core team people organizing MARJ.



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About Us

Mutual Aid & Restorative Justice was started by a coalition of people in the Bay Area of California who work with survivors of violence, trauma, and crime, and with currently and formerly incarcerated people. The group was established to help us build community during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, and has recently expanded to include a team of people working in Vermont and others throughout the U.S.


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